Answers to some common questions

What can acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture can help you treat any health issues or concerns, even chronic or long standing illnesses. As Chinese Medical practitioners we not only do acupuncture but we can do cupping, herbal medicine, lifestyle advice, nutrition advice, and many other holistic medical techniques. We can help you get better faster. Even if it’s an acute injury or recent trauma. Acupuncture uses you to heal you and we can heal you at a much faster rate.

Does it hurt?

While the experience may be different from person to person, acupuncture usually doesn’t cause discomfort. You may feel a bit of a pinch when the needles are tapped in, but this should ease right away. The sensation may feel dull, heavy, or even tingly but no not painful.

How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture treats pain by activating your brain to release your own bodies natural pain killers (natural opioids), dump your bodies natural feel good hormones (seratonin and dopamine), and activates you parasympathetic nervous system to enhance circulation throughout the body.

Acupuncture can help change you body’s response to stress. Really helping you get into that Rest & digest system (which is ultimately where all the healing happens).

How am I supposed to feel during a treatment?

Overall, it’s safe to say receiving acupuncture makes you feel calm and sleepy once needles are placed. Most patients take a nice little snooze or doze off peacefully.

What is a typical course of treatment?

1x a week: mild issues, pain 25% of the time, wellness & prevention
2x a week: mod issues, pain 50% of time, chronic cx
3x a week : mod/sev, pain 75% of time, near the end of your rope
Daily: severe pain, pain 100% of time, acute cx

How often should I come in for results?

My answer of course always varies, we are all very different and each condition varies. People heal at different rates as well. Acupuncture is cumulative- each treatment builds on the next, so keep coming and stay consistent. Skipping treatments or having large gaps between treatments can delay your progress.

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