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Initial Consultation and 1st Acupuncture Treatment

Involves comprehensive health assessment, we go over full medical history and explore all aspects of your health. In Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture we treat the body as a whole. A customized acupuncture treatment along with a treatment plan will be provided to the patient at the end of initial visit (which may include herbal prescription, lifestyle recommendations, and nutrition counseling)

50 min Acupuncture Treatment


Follow up acupuncture session that may include any combination of services/modalities ( TDP infrared heat, cupping, electric stimulation, ear seeds, gua sha, herbal prescriptions etc).

85 min Acupuncture & Wellness Treatment


For those looking to get a more intensive treatment that incorporates more modalities than which a regular treatment time can offer. Including but not limited to: ( TDP infrared heat, cupping, electric stimulation, auricular, gua sha, herbal prescriptions, nutritional counceling etc).

25 min Cupping Session


A powerful cleansing and invigorating session of fire cupping. Suction is created with the use of glass cups to stimulate blood circulation and pull out impurities to the surface of the skin, so the lymphatic system can eliminate them naturally and efficiently.

Herbal Consult


A natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Herbal formulas can be prescribed on their own or in conjunction with your acupuncture treatments to enhance their therapeutic effect. Most formulas are based from classic formulas with specific modifications to address your own specific symptoms

24k Gold Ear Seeds


Ear Seeds adhere to specific points on the ears to offer continuous stimulation and effect on the point. Although these ear seeds are tiny, they are very powerful and effective. Similar to reflexology of the foot, the ear is a microsystem that reflects the entire body. The ear is connected to the whole nervous system and we use the ear to influence the neurological system (some of the most popular conditions being: Anxiety, Stress, Immunity, Pain, Gut issues, Detox, Insomnia).
A great way to continue care in the comfort of your home. Ear seeds are a great tool to have at home to activate on-going healing outside of the acupuncture clinic. 4-week supply of 24k Gold Ear Seeds, diagram pamphlet, and directions included ($20). FREE 1st application of your 24k Gold Ear seeds.

Cosmetic Acupuncture


Tiny acupuncture needles are placed in major facial muscles to promote an anti-aging effect. Facial acupuncture relaxes muscles of the face, increases circulation and restores blood flow to the face. This boosts collagen to reduce wrinkles while also building elastin to firm and tone the face. Facial acupuncture promotes detoxification to leave you feeling radiant, balanced and glowing from the inside out. Facial acupuncture is a true TCM (Traditional Chinese Medical) treatment. Each treatment therefore is tailored to YOU and treatment includes the whole body as well as the face. Throughout the course of treatment you can expect improvement in your overall complexion as well as diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. (Benefits: skin complexion, acne, sun damage etc.).

30 min Acupuncture Reset


Available for pre-existing patients. 5 minute intake. Using treatment protocols to boost immune system, regulate nervous system, clear the mind, and bring the body into a balanced state. For patients who need fast and effective reset

In-Home Acupuncture Treatment


Available for pre-existing patients or their family members who have limited mobility or acute conditions that prevent them from seeking office visits.

Complimentary Phone Consult

 Offering a free 15 minute initial consultation to answer your questions and introduce you to the Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine philosophies. Learn about our services and find out which treatment is right for you.

(Can also feel free to give me a call leave a voicemail, or email & I will get back to you within 24 business hours. )

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